About Us

MECO-Heneghan Engineers, LLC works to meet the needs of our clients and help bring life to their projects

Engineers, LLC

MECO-Heneghan Engineers, LLC was established in the Spring of 2018 in Saint Charles, MO, by the partnership of two accomplished engineering firms, MECO Engineering Company, Inc. and Heneghan & Associates, P.C.. The joined forces between these two firms have leveraged their similar sizes and market strategies. With more resources and experience available and while creating a larger presence in the St. Charles area, MECO-Heneghan is equipped to meet the engineering needs of the clients and community.

Each project is important regardless of scope or size, and our approach results in projects that meet the specific and individual needs of the client. Our emphasis is in municipal/public works, water district, and governmental engineering. Through our integrated-services approach, we have the ability to utilize our most important assets – our skilled and experienced personnel, by providing a full complement of planning, survey, engineering/design, AutoCADD drafting, and construction phase services based on the requirements of the project.

Our civil, structural, and mechanical/electrical engineers work hand-in-hand with our clients, developing projects that are appropriate and cost-effective, while meeting regulatory funding requirements and standards.

Our integrated approach and expertise in multiple fields allows us to take your project from initial concept into the important study/analysis phase, site planning, regulatory compliance (stormwater, drinking water, wastewater, and more), preliminary and final design, permitting, bidding and award, and lastly, construction.

We offer complete project management, contract administration, construction management, and construction observation services to ensure your project is completed in accordance with specifications and as-designed, meets or exceeds regulatory requirements, and meets your expectations. You can depend on our Project Team, through personalized, client-centered service, to meet your project challenges through sound and innovative design solutions that are tailored to your specific project requirements, and through the production of quality deliverables.


Civil and Civil Site, Parking Lots, Stormwater Management, Parks and Recreational Facilities, Site Grading Plans, Utility Extensions


Streets and Roads, Bridges, Trails and Sidewalks


Drinking Water (supply, treatment, storage, pumping, distribution), Sanitary Sewer Collection (gravity, pressure), Wastewater Treatment


Lighting Plans, HVAC Systems, Energy Efficiency (retrofits and new construction), Back-up Generators


Foundations, Roof Systems, Retaining Walls, Treatment Plants, Bridges/Culverts

As supporting documentation, upon request we can provide project-specific information and resumes for our team members, documenting our past projects and experience.